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The consultation materials available to view are listed below:


  • Guide to Consultation – a non-technical document summarising the various elements of the Project, along with information on the potential effects, and details of how to respond to consultation


  • Feedback form – a consultation questionnaire highlighting the specific matters on which we are seeking feedback


  • Consultation feedback reports – for the non-statutory and statutory consultations held previously. These documents explain the previous rounds of consultation and feedback received



  • Statement of Community Consultation – setting out how LRCH intends to consult the public and local communities in the vicinity of the Project as part of our statutory consultation


  • Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) – sets out the environmental assessments to date, and proposals to manage and mitigate against impacts.


    • PEIR Volume 1: Main Statement – Each chapter has been uploaded separately
    • PEIR Volume 2: Figures
    • PEIR Volume 3: Appendices