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The London Resort will be a huge driver for job creation. Collectively, we estimate that the Project will generate around 8,700 skilled or semi-skilled jobs directly on-site during peak times in 2025.

This figure is expected to increase to over 17,000 jobs on-site by 2038. These jobs will be allocated across the two theme parks, and includes an estimated 6,500 full time jobs, 3,700 part time roles and 7,100 seasonal jobs. During the construction period, peak on-site construction is predicted to employ up to 4,100 jobs.

Local people

We want to ensure local residents benefit from the new employment opportunities. We estimate that between 55% and 60% of operational workers will be based in the local surrounding area, including Dartford, Gravesham and Thurrock.

Young people

We will work with local schools, colleges and universities to implement development programmes and modules, providing local children and young people with skills needed to work at the London Resort. We will also deliver an Employment and Skills Strategy.

  • Our employment and skills programme will include:
  • Training programmes at our on-site staff training centre
  • ‘On the job’ training
  • Rolling programmes of engagement with education providers across primary, secondary schools and colleges to explain what skills are needed
  • Rolling programme of engagement with young people to inspire, motivate, and help them to understand the range of potential job and career opportunities
  • Open days and site visits throughout the construction phase and when the London Resort is operational, using our Visitor Centre
  • Apprenticeships for school leavers.

Business growth, regeneration and tourism

The London Resort will provide a huge economic stimulus and will increase tourism potential for the area. Up to 6.5 million visitors per year are expected with Gate 1 in operation, and up to 12.5 million visitors per year when the whole Resort has been operational for several years (from 2038).

In 2025 up to 20% of visitors are projected to come from overseas – by 2029 this is forecast to increase to increase to around a quarter, rising to over 30% by 2038. Visitors might come for one day or opt to stay in one of our hotels for a longer visit.

Visitor profiles will vary throughout the year depending on seasonal tourism and travel arrangements and restrictions. The London Resort will regenerate what is largely a brownfield site, isolated by its previous industrial uses. This will help to deliver a more sustainable environmental, social and economic foundation for the area, through contributing a mix of leisure, business and community land uses, providing a catalyst for the regeneration of the wider area. These will align with the agenda for housing growth in the area driven by the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation and the local authorities. With the London Resort bringing more people to the area, other local destinations across Kent, Essex and London will have an opportunity to capitalise on a larger tourist market and their surrounding economies are expected to grow as a result.

Local businesses

All local suppliers, including small and medium sized enterprises, will have the opportunity to get involved in our tendering processes. We intend to begin a programme of engagement with businesses and potential suppliers following submission of our DCO application.

Impacts on local businesses

A number of businesses are located within the development area on the Peninsula. This will result in displacement and in some cases, loss of existing jobs. We are in discussions with businesses and other landowners impacted by our proposals to ensure that we can mitigate the impact of this as much as we are able to.